The Best Child-Friendly Airlines to Travel Around the World

It is important to plan every single detail when you travel with children. Set your route carefully and select the airline that can provide the best services for little travelers. Not every airline is perfectly suitable for this purpose, so consider the options that are presented on the list below.

Air flight with a child? No stress!

It’s important to plan everything carefully when traveling with children. You need to pay particular attention to the route and the airline. If you want to monitor the path of necessary aircraft, use Flightradar24 – online flight tracker (follow the link to proceed to the website). This is the best service that allows monitoring the way of the aircraft of any airline. Now the question is what airline to choose.

Don’t hurry to buy the ticket of the random company. Go to the company website, first and learn the rules of traveling with children. It’s a very important step because there are many nuances, which you need to consider to make your trip easy, pleasant, and most importantly, safe.

In order to choose the best airline, it’s necessary to know all the factors according to which passengers with children estimate the airlines.

Airlines assessment characteristics:

  • special seats for young travelers
  • discounts on tickets for children
  • baby bassinet available on board
  • special children’s menu
  • additional services for children at the airport
  • gifts for children


One of the most “children’s” airlines is Emirates. This airline offers baby bassinets and parents are allowed to take a baby car seat on board. Little passengers won’t get bored because they get a backpack with gifts from Lonely Planet Kids. Different educational and colorful books, attractive arts and crafts, and much more are prepared specially for the flight.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic knows how to approach children. Members of airline suggest a lot of movies and TV shows for entertainment right from pre take-off. Children also can get backpacks with them, so they won’t get bored. The airline offers a specially designed menu for children that includes familiar favorite meals, which are healthy and nutritious. Kids love them!

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand takes care of its customers. The company provides a special service “Skycouch” – 3 Economy seats can be put together to get a kind of regular couch. It can be used as a bed to stretch out on or as an area for children to play.

Aegean Airlines

Another good option to choose is Aegean Airlines. It offers special children’s rates: if parents hold a child, they don’t need to buy children’s ticket; an extra seat can be purchased with a 10% discount; and children aged 2 to 12 get a 33% discount.

In addition to the mentioned airlines, consider such low-cost options as Air Asia and Vueling. They also offer discounts and bonuses to passengers with children.

There is nothing more important than your safety and comfort, so be attentive choosing an airline for traveling with children.